Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rick Klau is slowly rekindling my love for blogger

Rick is actually not even aware that he's been influencing me. Rather my newly rekindled love for blogger has come from following Rick's Google Reader shares and contemplating the challenges I face. Here are a two of the salient ones from this past month:

  • Building Websites with Blogger: This is an ebook. It's not that I can't figure blogger out on my own. Rather, it's just nice to be able to reference someone else's coherent strategy and compare my own with it. I almost always learn something new this way. The book is only $9.95 (approximate cost of the Facebook Effect but of infinitely more practical import in my current circumstance).
  • Insert Youtube Videos: Finally, easy sharing between Google infrastructure behemoths. Make no doubt about it, Google's key strategic advantage comes from infrastructure. Hosting videos on Youtube is like getting a CDN for free, similarly for Picasa web albums. Where Google has lagged is in making it easy for you to just link stuff together.

And two non-Rick items which feel like they've come from him anyway:

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