Friday, December 24, 2010

Google Buzz and Canonical Representations

So, salmon sounds interesting, but one has to ask himself why, particularly if it requires waiting.

I want a Google Buzz that can do the following:

  • Allow me to disseminate digital artifacts to people who choose to receive them.
  • Allow me and others to interact around those artifacts and any others that may appear in our streams.
  • Allow the interaction around an artifact to be represented back to the point of origin of the artifact. For instance, Buzz interaction around a blogger blog post should be able to be shown back on that post.
  • Allow interaction at the point of origin of the artifact itself to be shown in the Buzz stream for that artifact. For instance, comments on a picasa picture should show up in the buzz posts about that picture.
  • Allows all of the functionality just described to be implemented immediately on Google properties.
  • Eventually allows all of this to work with other platforms, including self-hosted.
  • Drops this nonsensical happy talk about the semantics of activity streams.

Currently buzz does 1 and 2. There is no going back to the point of origin or "canonical representation" to harken back to the title of this post. I want it all today; no more "it will be great some day."

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