Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why you should definitely get an iPad

Actually, this post is just about some iPad pros. I personally may be succeeding in holding off through most of day not buying one, and if I can make it through a whole day, chances are I can hold off the month that will be required to read real hands-on reviews of the iPad by people who are not friends of Apple.

However, I did buy an iPad today for my dad. Here's why:

  • It's basically a simple computer. Get the case and the wireless keyboard, and you're set for almost any scenario most people use computers for.
  • It has all the basics you need for the web plus content consumption.
  • It has the Apple user experience which, speaking honestly, is the best device experience you can have.
  • With all that, the basic unit someone like my dad would use is only $500 + $100 in accessories.
n.b., This post was written at the behest of Lucy Ann Lance, a local Ann Arbor business commentator.

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