Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The chrome web store

Anyone who has given the chrome web store some consideration will probably find these speculations obvious. Nonetheless:

  • It's clear the chrome web store is an attempt to inject social in an organized way into the world of web apps.
  • Chrome web store shows that it really pays to centralize social. The real question is which parts of social need to be centralized. Google's answer is that the web artifacts in question need to be findable and "rate-able" in one location.
  • A question in my mind: To what extent does the chrome web store represent editorial control by Google? I think they might assert that they are merely providing a framework for aggregating opinion.
  • It's possible to argue that Google's whole business to date has been built around implicit polling of web page relevance. Given what they're doing in the chrome web store, it seems they think social must be more explicit.

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