Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blogging is the original cloud application

Back in the old days of blogging you had to do something like rent a server and install Movable Type. That was a chore. I still remember when Sixapart went to the paid typepad service. I bought in, mainly because I just wanted to create blogs at will without having to worry about the server.

I had typepad before I had gmail, and I had had to have my gmail account for two years before I decided it was was useful. Typepad went to work immediately. I wanted my information on the web, and typepad let me outsource all of the infrastructure for doing so.

Another thing, almost immediately after starting blogging, I went looking for a dedicated blogging editor. I wanted something that could manage my online writings all in one place. I needed something beyond my browser's limited capacity to handle my sometimes multiple identities at a given service.

Oddly, now that I've moved to content production on the mobile web (mainly through my iPad), I'm finding I want apps even more for all the cloud services I use. That's mainly because, even with html5, mobile browsers just don't seem to pack the required punch. Part of it is also the usual browser issue. I don't really have control of my identity with a browser the way I do with an app.

So, I was happy to see that Mars Edit, the blogging software I use came along with a nice upgrade for the Mac version. I was also happy to hear that the author is working on moving the app to the iPad.

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